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Creating waves that wash us into a new era.  




elasmo is a streetwear brand with an oceanic  difference.

Earth is the only planet known to harbour life. Just over 70% of the planet’s surface is water. The ocean supplies us with 70% of the oxygen we breathe, making it the life support system of Earth. In an era where there is more carbon dioxide, more pollution than ever before, and the extinction rate of animals has sky rocketed, human empathy and innovation have never been more important.

With passions for philosophy, science and imagination elasmo are building a brand that is not only 100% ethical, vegan-friendly, sustainable and cruelty free but educates and empowers us to unite and protect the life support system of our planet. The ocean. All streetwear is designed in house by Hollie. Using 100% organic cotton shirts which are screen-printed using water-based eco-friendly inks.

All proceeds go directly into funding elasmos various conservation initiatives, such as their education program for school children, monthly beach cleans, education forum and community education events. 


by reping our threads you are;

Helping to keep litter from reaching our ocean

Changing perspectives and promoting new understandings.

Protecting our incredible planet for future generations.

Helping to fund elasmos education program for school children around Australia.

A part of a new era of collective consciousness. 

Supporting innovation, imagination, creativity and science.


Education Program

Elasmo has developed a transformative educational experience for  school children. The program combines science and creativity, encourages a pursuit of wisdom and starts students on a journey into connecting and protecting our oceans. 


Clean up initiatives

The elasmo team, along with incredible volunteers help stop ocean pollution by removing litter from coastlines before it has a chance to reach the ocean. Click the link below to get involved or learn more.


Community education

Elasmo run regular community education events to educate and empower us to come together and create change. 



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