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Around 70% of the Oxygen we breathe is produced by the ocean.  It is the life support of our planet. Yet we overfish it, we pollute it and we so inadvertently disconnect from it. 

We believe that "we do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves" (J.K Rowling). We have the ability to imagine better. We, at elasmo are combining science and the power of imagination to learn, to understand and to empathise. We are speaking for the life support system of this planet.  We are here to educate, to inspire and to empower you, and others, to imagine and therefore create a world that is better.

To do this we produce really dope streetwear.


the elasmo team





We have huge dreams and goals for elasmo. We are not just a clothing brand. We are a force. A force that is empowered by making change, by fighting to make the world a better place. For living a sustainable life that is far bigger than ourselves. 

Click the Link below to learn more about our current initiatives and goals for elasmo. 


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