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marine and environmental learning resources

Providing fun and colourful educational materials for the future change drivers, leaders and scientists.

Proudly supporting the United Nations Sustainable development Goals


Supporting the future

Truth is you don’t need super powers to save the planet. We can all make small choices every day that benefit not just us but Earth.

We are an ethical, cruelty-free brand here to cherish and protect life. We custom design educational material and resources that inspire us to reconnect with this incredible planet.

By purchasing from our shop you are helping us fund our not-for-profit education and mentor program for school students. With all proceeds empowering the future leaders, future scientists and future change drivers to follow their dreams and bring about positive change, through creativity, innovation, science and kindness.

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our education programs

Our programs support students on a colourful journey that combines marine education, environmental sustainability, creativity, ethical reasoning and problem solving across hands-on workshops and mentoring.


our mission & vision

Our mission is to achieve unity, respect and protection for all living things on Earth, through education and empowerment.

Our vision is to live in a world based on compassion not cruelty, empathy not apathy and above all a world where eco always comes before ego.

Our education programs and materials are in line with the Australia Curriculum. They are supported by the NSW Quality Teaching Model, strengthened by the 8 Ways of Learning and connected to the global problem solving framework: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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our educational resources

We have posters, stickers, e-downloads, streetwear and activity books for students from pre-school to secondary school.


topics we cover

We cover a range of exciting and engaging topics that remind us of the intangible connection between us and the universe. In understanding these connections we are able to build on the skills that we have and work towards a sustainable and bright future. 


Earth and Outer Space


History of the Earth


Sharks and Rays


Plastic Pollution




Climate Change


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The Team

The team consist of marine biologist Joni, fisheries technician Justin, Shark bite survivor and conservationist Lisa, teacher-in-training Dean and founder, graphic designer and conversationist Hollie and Marketing manager Jay Caruana. Together we are combining science, imagination and education, fighting for life on this planet and bringing about waves of change.

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for teachers

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