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welcome to elasmo

elasmo is a Newcastle based environmental education organisation. Through creativity, positivity and empowerment we teach children about the natural world.

We offer holiday workshops, home-schooling programs, one on one programs, as well as a high school program, school workshops, school excursions and heaps of cool Carbon Neutral educational resources!


“Hi there, my name is Hollie. I am the founder and main educator of elasmo. Since a very young age i’ve had a connection and love for Nature. Through-out life I have wanted to be a zoologists, a teacher, a vet, a midwife. After moving from England in 2008 I found myself studying graphic design at the university of Newcastle, here I found a passion for character design, infographics and story telling, I realised that I could combine a skill in design with my love for nature and passion to bring about positive environmental change. Thus elasmo was born.

I believe growth, on an individual and global scale, is fuelled by a love for learning. elasmo was created to help us better understand the world around us, deepening our connection to ourselves, each other and the planet. I want to create a safe and nurturing organisation where all students feel empowered to follow their curiosities, to express creativity, to innovate without fear of failure, to collaborate and bring about sustainable and positive change that will ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for all life on Earth.

I want all my students to know life is an exciting journey full of endless possibilities - knowing they are enough.

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 Our Mission

Our mission is to be a reputable environmental and science education organisation - securing a sustainable and bright future for our children through education, empowerment and creativity.


Our promise

  • Child Safe Organisation

  • Environmentally Friendly Organisation

  • Safe learning environment (see House Rights)

  • Valuing all

  • Empowerment based teaching

  • Creativity!


Skills focus

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Art and creativity

  • Critical and Philosophical Thinking

  • Ethical Reasoning

  • Scientific thinking

  • Sustainable living


Contact us

0408 925 423