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Hi there, my name is Hollie. I am the founder and main educator of elasmo. Since a very young age i’ve had a connection and love for Nature. Through-out life I have wanted to be a zoologists, a teacher, a vet, a midwife. After moving from England in 2008 I found myself studying graphic design at the university of Newcastle, here I discovered a passion for character design, infographics and story telling, I realised that I could combine a skill in design with my love for nature and passion to bring about positive environmental change. I recently, with the support of The Business Centre, completed a Certificate III in small business management it is through this gained knowledge that I Believe I can grow elasmo into the organisation I know it can be.

I believe growth, on an individual and global scale, is fuelled by a love for learning. elasmo was created to help us better understand the world around us, deepening our connection to ourselves, each other and the planet.

We cover a range of topics most of which fit into the Geography and Science school syllabus. We learn about different plants and animals, biodiversity, ecosystems, outer space, the ocean, environmental issues like climate change and plastic pollution. Workshops incorporate hands on activities such as science experiments, creative tasks and games, with group discussions and sharing of ideas and opinions.

If you’d like your child to be a part of elasmo we offer opportunities for after school and school holidays as well as programs for home-school children.

For schools we offer in school programs, school talks and school excursions.

I want all my students to know life is an exciting journey full of endless possibilities - knowing they are enough.

elasmo culture

I am creating an organisation that is based on unity, equality and compassion. I am dedicated to providing a safe, supportive environment where everyone, regardless of circumstance, race, sex, religion, feels safe, heard and supported. 

elasmo dream

Currently we are only a small organisation but being small does not mean our actions aren’t meaningful. Within the next few years I want elasmo to grow into an education hub, bringing on board passionate staff and supporting many more students. (Imagine a mini school/library/science/art museum). It will be a fully sustainable hub, with science labs, library, mini cinema, art spaces, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, a sustainable eco-friendly cafe. It will be a safe, enriching space where families can come and attend educational workshops/labs, book readings, documentary screenings and guest speakers. A space for the community to collaborate, innovate without fear of failure and to express their creativity.

By being apart of elasmo now you are helping me work towards this future, so thank you so much. I am always open to collaboration, feedback and thoughts. If you’d like to chat be sure to contact me.