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To achieve unity, respect and protection for all life on Earth through education and empowerment.

This planet is remarkable! It’s the only planet known so far, in this vast cosmic ocean, to harbour life. Climate change, plastic pollution and animal extinction rates are just some of the issues we currently face. It is vital we work towards a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

At elasmo we believe in the next generation and we know education is key in developing ourselves as individuals and us as a planet.

To us, education is much more than reading, writing and maths. It provides us with knowledge of the world around us, it teaches us empathy, compassion and develops our ability to reason and choose. We live in an amazing era for realising human potential.

We have developed a 10 week science and sustainability program that sparks a passion for the natural world and empowers us to bring about a sustainable and bright future for our children.

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Our Vision

A sustainable, ethical organisation that educates and empowers the next generation - future leaders, future scientists and future change drivers, to be more connected to themselves, each other and the planet. So they can bring about positive and sustainable change that will benefit all life on Earth for generations to come.

Core Values


    We empower individuals to connect to one another and this planet.


    We use education as a means to raise awarenss, spark curiousity and and bring about postive change.


    We operate in the best interest of the environment. We fight for all life on this planet.


    We are the birthplace of innovation, creativity and science.


    We turn anger, fear and greed into something life giving: Courage, love and compassion.


    We encourage and give us the means by which to live a sustainable and cruelty-free life.

meet the team


Together we create something far grander than we could ever create alone.



Hollie is the beautiful brains behind elasmo. Her total obsession with sharks and innate love for this planet were the primary forces behind the creation of this brand. Hollie completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication in 2015 and elasmo is her way of combining her passions for creativity, education and conservation. She is an entrepreneur who dreams big, loves hard and fights for what she believes in. More than anything she believes in the next generation and wants to empower them to reach and rattle the stars, stand up for what they believe in and fight for brighter future for all life on earth.

While she’s not out trying to save the world or designing some sick new illustrations, she’s reading Harry Potter on a constant cycle, cruising around town on her trusty skateboard or chilling in the elasmobil (Camper van)



Justin is our adventurous world traveller. His most recent trip involved motorcycling the world's highest motorable pass in India, getting chased by wild rhinos in Nepal and freediving the depths of Indonesia.

Justin completed a Bachelor in Marine Science in 2015, and since has worked with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and has seen the impacts of the fishing industry first-hand. Justin is now a fisheries technician with an aquaculture nutrition research team based in Port Stephens.

When not working to fund his travels or continent hopping, Justin loves taking in some live music, dabbling in photography and getting in the water for some diving. While not having a set life goal, he knows he wants to spend his time on this planet making choices that influence others for the better. Wether it be personal growth and achievement for his friends or conservation and sustainability to protect those without a voice, he is dedicated to protecting, educating and inspiring.



Joni is our resident marine biologist. With the privilege of growing up in the tiny waterfront town of Cottage Point on Sydney's Hawkesbury River, it was no surprise  when she told her mum at 4 years old that going to be a marine biologist. Joni now has a Masters of Research, a Masters of Marine Science and Management and a Bachelor of Marine Science to her name, and due to her ever-growing passion for marine research she has recently began her PhD journey. Her research is focussed on uncovering the mysteries of the oceans most elusive predators - sharks and rays - and using this understanding to educate the public, dispel the myths and help with their bad PR problem. Most recently, her research and passion is helping further our understanding of rays, which are often overlooked in research but are among the most highly threatened group of elasmobranchs. When Joni isn't on fieldwork, writing blogs and content for elasmo or helping with beach cleanups, she's underwater with her husband Shaun exploring the wonders of the oceans.



Lisa Mondy nearly lost her life to a 4m Great White Shark in Australia in 2011. On her long road to recovery Lisa was driven to understand more about sharks and what had happened to her, this path unveiled the devastating situation our oceans are facing, and how important sharks are to our seas. As a result, she now speaks for the protection of our oceans, especially of sharks. From shark diving, beach clean ups and school education talks, to tv and film appearances, including The X Factor stage, her compelling tale of discovery continues to motivate audiences around the world. Lisa is a singer, conservationist, co-founder of 'Ride Waterpark' and conservation streetwear brand 'elasmo'.




Jay is our in-house marketing guy, he helps us share our story, resources and reach as many budding scientists, conservationist, educators and change drivers as possible. Jay is super passionate about education and uses his skills in marketing to make a difference in the world by supporting organisations like us. When Jay isn’t designing and implementing fun and innovative content, he’s hanging out with his son Archer and remarkable wife Dee, baking cakes and getting Hollie into all kinds of situations in Dungeons and Dragons.

Archer the youngest member of the elasmo family is a really huge fan of sharks and loves being a mini elasmo model! He hopes that he can grow up in a world of prosperity for people and the planet.