Jurassic Ocean Holiday Workshop (ages 7-12)

Jurassic Ocean Holiday Workshop (ages 7-12)

from 35.00

Jurassic Ocean (ages 7 - 14)

Travel back in time to visit the Dinosaurs, discover one of the biggest predators to have roamed the oceans, investigate how the Earth has changed over time and explore the six mass extinctions.

ACTIVITY - Design-o-Saur

Date and Time

Tuesday 21st January 2020 ~ 10.30 - 11.30am

Price - $35 per student

Availability - Spots Available

Carbon Offset Option

You can opt to add a $2 carbon offset. The $2 is donated to local conservation group MySequester. Funds go directly to community groups and landholders that are able to run tree planting projects either on their own land or in urban public spaces - restore, revive and bring back the native flora.

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