Our top Vegan friendly feed spots in Newy


Oh hey! Hollie here.

As a Vegan I am ALWAYS hungry, like always. At first I was really worried about eating out, thinking i'd really struggle to find places to caterer for me. Living in a household of Vegans (hey Nat, hey Monique) who, incidentally, are big foodies, we are always on a mission to find tasty feeds that don't cost us a fortune. 

So without further a do, here are our top vegan friendly feed spots in Newy. 

1. Bonta Vera

Get those delicious Burgs in my belly!! John and his team at Bonta Vera have created 'True goodness' (incase you weren't sure, Bonta Vera means True goodness in Italian. I am teacher). But seriously their breakfast menu is da bomb! They create the most wonderful taste sensations that actually leave me feeling full! Jared, the chef there, is the Dumbledore of the catering world creating truly magical feasts.

My housemate, Monique came to me the other day and said "I've been thinking about Bonta Burgs for like 10 days straight now. So we are going there for dinner tonight!". 10 days thinking about a Burger, that is how good they are.

2. The Press Bookhouse

Their Toasties! Sooo good! I particularly like the Broccoli one, yes, broccoli in a toasty, don't knock it till you've tried it. For me the whole Press experience is next to none; Coffee, books, delicious food. In fact Press has basically become home. This is where most of the elasmo ideas and designs come into existence. If you need a place to chill and just be, Press is the place to go. It's like Hogwarts to me. 

3. Bluedoor

Bluedoor have a great selection of Vegan options, including: Acai Bowl (best around, just a heads up) and Smashed avo! Nitin is the manager there and he is the most beautiful, humble man who always looks after you. OMG! and Coco whip! that coconut cloud goodness is the best! Especially on those hot summer days or even those cold days if you is bad ass.

4. Zambrero

Like Mexican? Love Burritos! Get your butt to Zambrero right now! They have a double bean, double rice vegan burrito and it is mouth watering goodness. Make sure you pick up a Zambrero card though, because you get your 10th one free and trust me you will quickly hit that 10th baby! (If you don't get extra avo I will judge you...)

5. Hey Zeus

So this is like the coolest experience ever (Jacob the creator is like the most incredible person) so you walk in and order your salad on a tablet, select what you'd like, pay, and then like magic your meal appears on the conveyer belt with...wait for it..your name on it. Yes this did make me a little over excited! It's healthy fast food! We need more of this! 


Crave App

This app is rad! It's Tinder for food! Replace the fear of rejection with pure tummy filling satisfaction!

You can select your dietary requirements and it presents you with scrumbciuos dishes, tells you where to get said delicious feed and also has a heap of awesome offers like 2 for 1's and free cocktails!