Life Below Water


What’s Behind Life Below Water?





1.     when an elasmonaut has a really finspiring idea!

On Wednesday, 20th February 2019, elasmo are hosting the Life Below Water Secondary Schools marine education conference at the University of Newcastle, Australia. You may have heard a bit about the event, but what was the elasmiration behind it?



 “I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be.”

 Sometimes we can lose sight of just how connected we really are: our personal health is connected to our environmental health (think – air, food & water); primary school, high school and university are only labels stuck onto parts of the continuum of lifelong learning; and our choices and actions directly impact the lives of others.

 Life Below Water is an opportunity for Secondary School students from across the Newcastle region to connect with each other, the marine science and environmental communities, to investigate how we can restore the balance between our species and our environment.



 “How do we meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs?"

 Earth is home to 7.5 billion people and 100s of billions of individual choices and actions for every spin on it’s axis. The future of humanity and our environment will be a product of our combined action. In 2015 all of the countries of the world agreed on a joint plan to end poverty, fight inequality and ensure environmental sustainability: The Global Goals for Sustainable Development – or the SDGs for short.

 On the 20th February 2019, 100 young people from across the Newcastle region will connect in support of Goal 14: Life Below Water. 100 people who make 1000s of individual choices and actions every day will investigate ways that marine conservation, reducing carbon emissions and pollution, and sustainable fishing practices can combine to ensure the future health of our marine environment and, subsequently, ourselves.



 “Yes, we are all individuals!”

 Do all of your friends and family have the same skills, interests, jobs and experience? No, we didn’t think so. Diverse, multidisciplinary teams are essential for all aspects of life – whether that is friendships, family or how we come together to fight for social justice and the environment. Diverse views, experiences and skillsets increase the capacity of teams to solve challenging problems with sustainable and ethical solutions.

 With this in mind Life Below Water will connect a diverse range of young people (student scientists, mathletes and creatives) with a multidisciplinary team of professional problem solvers (marine scientists, environmental conservationists and social justice advocates) to share knowledge, develop skills and commit to taking positive action for their environment and for their future.



 We have a great respect for young people - including their capacity for problem solving and action - and are so excited for the opportunity to share the Life Below Water experience with them.

 If you are a high school student, a parent or a teacher in the Newcastle region we would love for you to put your school in touch with elasmo to arrange to send a delegation (10 students per school) to the Life Below Water conference.



Hollie Newman