Shower talk

Endeavouring to live a more consciously aware lifestyle is a rather enlightening experience. Becoming aware of your choices and actions, and how they affect not just you, but the planet really does enable you to take a step back and look at all aspects of your life.

Recently I have been looking into alternatives for shampoos and conditioners. Searching for cruelty-free, vegan options that don't come in plastic, turned out to be rather a difficult task. Then I came across Lush's shampoo bars!! and I am, quite proud to say, rather in love with them. 

These little soupy bars of goodness are vegan, ethical, free from animal testing and don't come wrapped in plastic! 



The idea for Lush visited Mark Constantine, a trained trichologist (Someone who studies the health of hair and scalp) and beauty therapist, Elizabeth Weir, in the late 1970's. Their aim to create products for the hair and skin using fresh, natural ingredients. What started off as a little shop in the quaint town of Poole, England, is now a highly recognized cosmetic retailer. 

As a privately owned company, their passion and moral principles are commendable. Holding deep believes in standing up for animal rights, protecting the environment and supporting humanitarian causes. 

As well as engaging in regular ethical campaigns they also have a really awesome initiative called SLush (Sustainable Lush Fund), where they offer financial support to farmers living in less economically developed areas. They collaborate with these local farmers helping them start sustainable projects, ensuring them safe working conditions that are free from violence. Pretty cool right? 

Lush also love trees, fully recognizing their importance in regulating our climate, balancing biodiversity and offering homes for thousands of species. Because of this, all Lush products use regenerative and recycled options when wrapping. 

It is truly incredible and inspiring to see a company who cares, equally, about the planet and all that call it home.