Hands across the sand

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Together we are a symphony

Let’s work together to protect our marine life and keep our coastline beautiful and plastic free.

Unity on a global scale is a notion many of us hope to see in the near future. But what does that look like? and how do we achieve it? 

I think it's important to first understand what we mean by unity.  

One of my favourite philosophers, Aristotle, thought about this too. He talks about a desirable balance of unity and diversity. Acknowledging that unification would be like;

"reducing harmony to unison or rhythm to single beat" 

This comparison between music and us as a human society is truly beautiful. It is the diversity, the individuality of humans, and indeed of this planet, that make it such a remarkable and beautiful place. 

Each and every one of us is unique, possessing skills that we can use to alter the world around us. When we come together, as individuals, we create a powerful symphony. Individuality should be celebrated but it should never seperate us from each other. What we are striving for is connection. A connection to one another and the world around us.

Connection is built by compassion and empathy. If we are better acquainted, if we take the time to have conversations, truly listen, we might discover that we have much in common. Granted their will always be those who don't see eye to eye, who don't share our same believes but if we can learn to accept one another, we will find wisdom. Wisdom is not just the knowledge of something, but the ability to listen and understand. 

I love this line by Australia artist Patricia Piccinini;

"We have to ask ourselves, if it is so hard to figure out where one thing starts and another ends, can we really continue to believe in the barriers that seperate us?"

Hands across the Sand

Saturday the 19th of May saw over 400 people join hands at Nobby's beach, to protest off shore gas and oil exploration. It was a truly magical moment to both experience, and be a part off. The sound of laughter filled the salty ocean air and waves washed over the hundreds of footprints that lined the sand.

The barrier to we created to protect the ocean was a powerful statement to all those who do not see it's beauty, in juxtaposition to this the holding of strangers hands broke down all barriers between us, leaving  a feeling of love and true connection.

It is community events like these that create waves that will wash us into a new era. That bring us together, for planet earth and all of us are part of a the wonderful anthem.

Hollie Newman