School Strike for Climate Action



Today I had the honour of being in the presence of thousands of high school and primary school students standing up for the future and welfare of this planet. To witness events such as these, and to be working with these incredible young people, gives me faith in the human race and the direction of Earth.

elasmo’s education programs were created to educate students on all that makes this planet remarkable, to spark passion, aid curiosity and empower them to be authentically themselves. Helping them to find the courage, that is within all of us, to pursue their dreams and stand up for what they believe in.

To see students find their power - no one can ever put a value on that.

It always blows be away that no matter how much time I spend with these young change drivers, no matter how much I teach them about the ocean, ecosystems, the impact our actions have on the planet, I always, without a doubt, learn something from them.

I ran into one of our ‘nauts’ (the nickname we give to students we work with) today at the strike, it is truly something to witness someone in their element, to see that spark within them. She is a young leader, bursting with compassion whom I couldn’t be prouder of.

The next generation are so full of compassion, they see the world as it should and could be. They are insightful, wise beyond their years and not afraid to stand up against things they know need to change. Today is an example of that. Stood amongst them I was deeply moved by both their presence and determination. They empower me to continue our work at elasmo, because they are who I do this for. For them, for you, for me and this planet.

Some of my favourite banners included;

  1. We stand for what we stand on

  2. Sea Levels are Rising so are we

  3. Love your Mother

  4. Fighting for our future

  5. If you were smarter we’d still be in class

  6. Sea levels are rising watch us rise to fight it

If you were one of the students, teachers, parents that attended a school strike for climate change, no matter where you are in the world. Thank you. Remember that you are enough.

There is only and only ever will be one you.

ReviewHollie Newman