All that glitters

Ever wondered what it would feel like to be Alice and lost in wonderland? I know I certainly have. 

Jen Denzin and Mandy Robinson have cleverly transformed Maitland Art Gallery into a vibrant world that glitters at every turn. "All that Glitters is a light-hearted look at some of the troubling oddities of the modern economy, examining the allure and the often short-lived pleasures of online shopping and discount store purchases". 

Jen and Mandy have assembled readily available mass-produced plastic household goods, packaging and advertising materials to produce immersive and truly beautiful creations. Creations that have both personality and stories of their own.

It is a wonderful amalgamation of vivid imagination and innovation. Completely absorbed by the world they have created it really does spark your curiosity and leaves you questioning, what is beauty? For things are not always as they seem. 

In response to this visionary showcase, let us all go home with a changed perspective on our individual impacts to this planet.

Plastic pollution is a very real, immediate threat to life on this planet.

It is vital that we act. Every day I walk along my favourite water front locations and am perpetually inundated by the shear amount of litter (all plastic of course). It is polluting and tainting the indefinitely beautiful landscapes of nature.

The theory of 'cause and effect' really does play a critical role in our day to day lives. The actions we make everything single day have reactions. The plastic items that we so inadvertently purchase, use once and throw in the trash, end up in the earth, in the oceans, in the bellies of marine life and birds and never disappear. It is these shifts in perspectives, the conscious awareness to our actions and decisions, that will bring forth the changes in our behaviours. Without a cause there is no effect. Without action there is no change. 


  1. Do I really need this plastic? 
  2. Is there an alternative that isn't in plastic? 
  3. Am I disposing of this responsibly? 
  4. Am I willing to take full responsibility for this plastics existence and it's effect on this planet?

I urge you to go and experience, first hand, this formative exhibition. Let it spark new understanding, fuel your creativity and empower change. Human empathy and innovation have never been more important. 

Image taken by Hollie @ warners bay foreshore - all these items where collected along the water front. 

Image taken by Hollie @ warners bay foreshore - all these items where collected along the water front.