Our Mission

to achieve unity, respect and protection for all life on earth, through education and empowerment.


Our Vision

A sustainable, ethical organisation that educates and empowers the future leaders, future scientists and future change drivers to follow their dreams and bring about positive change, through creativity, innovation, courage and kindness.

Core Values

  1. We empower individuals to connect to one another and this planet.

  2. We use education as a means to raise awarenss, spark curiousity and and bring about postive change.

  3. We operate in the best interest of the environment. We fight for all life on this planet.

  4. We are the birthplace of innovation, creativity and science.

  5. We turn anger, fear and greed into something life giving: Courage, love and compassion.

  6. We encourage and give us the means by which to live a sustainable and cruelty-free life


How we are bringing about change

Education is much more than reading, writing and maths. It provides us with knowledge of the world around us. Education teaches us empathy, compassion. Develops our ability to reason, to choose. It brings awareness.

We live in an amazing era for realising human potential. All our learning resources are designed and created by us, and are used within our education programs.

Our programs support students on a colourful journey that combines marine education, environmental sustainability, creativity, ethical reasoning and problem solving, across hands-on workshops and individual mentoring.

elasmo ocean is a not-for-profit organisation that enables us to teach, mentor and support students. All proceeds from the sales of our products go into further developing our program and supporting student run initiatives.