Reinvent the world (Bonta Vera Collaboration)

Reinvent the world (Bonta Vera Collaboration)


With a mutual passion for the protection of our Ocean and creating a cruelty free world, elasmo and Bonta Vera are proud to bring you these dope new tees! 

Available online or at Bonta Vera


Bonta Vera is located in the countryside of Minmi, Newcastle. They specialize in serving badass burgers that are completely cruelty free & vegan.

Since opening in March 2016, they have served up a huge amount of quality food to a whole lot of legends. They take great pride in being the only vegan restaurant in Newcastle & hope to see you in to eat with sometime soon.

Don't forget to give Bonta a cheeky Facebook like! 

Screen printed using water based ink.

Designed by Hollie and John


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