Empower and inspire individuals to connect and live in harmony with this planet and all the creatures that call it home.



All the profits from our streetwear are used to fund our various initiatives such as; our education programs (the Elasmobile), our research (Sting Ray diaries) and our active conservation initiatives (beach clean ups).  We want you to feel empowered when wearing our apparel, knowing that you are a part of something grander and that together we are choosing to protect our planet. 




Mobile Clothing Brand

Fashion is a hugely influential tool. We want to use it for more than just looking great. We want to use it to push a message, to empower and inspire individuals to make change. We are currently setting up our elasmobile (camper van) that will travel around Australia, educating people on the incredible cosmos of an ocean that surrounds us and how small changes can make a massive difference, oh and of course  selling totally dope ocean based streetwear.


Education Programs

Education is key to change. Without it we are blind. We want to run regular, fun and interactive education programs for kids. As well as host ocean based events for adults. We want to encourage the community to come together, to inspirit change and empower individuals. 


Research Centre

We would love to open our own research centre, to help fill a number of knowledge gaps that surround the biology, ecology and behaviour of our fellow elasmos. As well as participate in shark tagging and breeding programs.