Elasmo is a team of hyper driven ocean warriors who are dedicating their lives to preserving and cherishing our incredible planet. The team consists of marine biologist Joni, fisheries technician Justin, Shark attack surviving conservationist Lisa and graphic designer Hollie, together they are creating an innovative movement that is creating waves to wash us into a new era. 

Elasmo is changing perspectives, everything from the stigma around sharks to the way we see fashion. With passions for philosophy, science and imagination elasmo are building a brand that is not only 100% ethical, vegan-friendly and cruelty free but educates and empowers us to unite  and protect the life support system of our planet. 




Hollie is the beautiful brains behind Elasmo. Her total obsession with sharks and innate love for this planet were the primary forces behind the creation of this brand. Hollie completed a Bachelor of Visual Communication in 2015 and Elasmo is her way of combining her passion for design with her love for the ocean.  She is an entrepreneur who dreams big, loves hard and fights for what she believes in. 

While she’s not out trying to save the world or designing some sick new threads for you all, she’s reading Harry Potter on a constant cycle, cruising around town on her trusty skateboard or immersing herself in Philosophy. 



Justin is our adventurous world traveller. His most recent trip involved motorcycling the world's highest motorable pass in India, getting chased by wild rhinos in Nepal and freediving the depths of Indonesia.

Justin completed a Bachelor in Marine Science in 2015, and since has worked with the Australian Fisheries Management Authority and has seen the impacts of the fishing industry first-hand. Justin is now a fisheries technician with an aquaculture nutrition research team based in Port Stephens.

When not working to fund his travels or continent hopping, Justin loves taking in some live music, dabbling in photography and getting in the water for some diving. While not having a set life goal, he knows he wants to spend his time on this planet making choices that influence others for the better. Wether it be personal growth and achievement for his friends or conservation and sustainability to protect those without a voice, he is dedicated to protecting, educating and inspiring.



Joni is our resident marine biologist. After exclaiming to her mother, at 4 years old, that she was “going to be a marine biologist!!!” Joni got right to it. She’s has recently completed her second Masters degree in marine science, and because she is a sucker for punishment, she will be going on to do her PhD in the near future.

Her passion is helping further our understanding of rays, which are often overlooked in research but are among the most highly threatened group of elasmobranchs. Joni hopes to fill a number of the knowledge gaps that surround the biology, ecology and behaviour of these mysterious and wonderful sea flap flaps.



Lisa has been closer to sharks than anyone else on the Elasmo team. Lisa nearly lost her life to a 4m Great White Shark while wakeboarding in Port Stephens in 2011. Since then, Lisa’s drive to understand what happened to her has opened her eyes to the devastating situation our oceans are facing and as a result she has proceeded to speak out for the protection of our oceans, and especially of sharks as important apex species. From diving with sharks to film and tv appearances, including The X Factor stage, Lisa motivates whilst addressing sensitive and important issues. It’s commonly said in the shark cull debate, “If you don’t accept the risk of swimming in the ocean, then swim in a pool.” This gave Lisa an idea and as a result, she has spent the last four years designing ‘Ride Waterpark’ in Port Stephens. The proposed fully eco friendly park combines a 9 acre cable wakeboarding facility with a state-of-the-art rideable wavepool, providing a water recreation facility safe from any unfavorable ocean interactions. While Lisa still chooses to spend most of her time in and around the ocean, she is providing an alternative for those that would rather not.



I am elasmos number one mobile companion and I have the best job in the world.My jawsome crew have covered me in some totally rad stickers that educate and inspire you and so many others to protect the life support system of our planet, our Ocean.