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Dear Parents

We believe in growth, on an individual and global scale. We believe this growth is fuelled by a love for learning and being better connected to the natural world.

We create a positive and empowering learning environment by celebrating trying, developing skills through practice and nurturing our individual interests. Our Students feel empowered to follow their curiosity and see life as an exciting journey full of endless possibilities - creating a world they would like to live in, knowing they are enough.

Services that we offer


Our promise

  • Child Safe Organisation

  • Environmentally Friendly Organisation

  • Safe learning environment (see House Rights)

  • Valuing all

  • Empowerment based teaching

  • Creativity!

Skills focus

  • Encourage a Growth Mindset

  • Creativity and imagination

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Critical and Philosophical Thinking

  • Ethical Reasoning

  • Working Scientifically

  • Sustainable living


Contact us

0408 925 423