Pip Sticker

Pip Sticker

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Meet Pip (Based on Madison Stewart)

Species: Tiger Shark

Scientific name: Galeocerdo cuvier

Conservation Status: Near Threatened

Likes: Free diving, make documentaries and vegan cupcakes.

Sticker Size: 11 x 8cm

Sticker Features and Benefits

  • Designed by Hollie

  • Stickers are Vinyl meaning they are weather proof and long lasting.

  • Outdoor or indoor use (will stick to anything!)

  • Full colour die cut

  • Come gift wrapped! - 100% recyclable packaging - unwrapping feels like christmas

  • Perfect gift for any ocean lover

  • Provoke positive emotional responses

  • Price includes postage (within Australia) additional $0.50 for international shipping

  • $1 from every Pip Sticker sold is donated to Madison Stewart to help end shark finning.

Carbon Offset Option

For an additional 0.25c you can select the ‘sticker plus carbon offset’. The 0.25c is donated to local conservation group MySequester. Funds go directly to community groups and landholders that are able to run tree planting projects either on their own land or in urban public spaces - restore, revive and bring back the native flora.

Copyright- Personal use ONLY

Protected under the Copyright Act 1968 - not to be copied, resold or duplicated.

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