Protect Our Sharks Sticker

Protect Our Sharks Sticker


The way the public perceive sharks is based on misunderstanding. Sharks and rays (elasmobranchs) are upper level predators meaning they strongly influence prey numbers and the environments in which they live. They therefore stabilise ocean ecosystems. But they’re threatened, and their removal could have huge implications for all life on Earth.

Sticker Features and Benefits

  • Designed by Hollie

  • Stickers are Vinyl meaning they are weather proof and long lasting.

  • Outdoor or indoor use (will stick to anything!)

  • Full colour die cut

  • Come gift wrapped! - 100% recyclable packaging - unwrapping feels like christmas

  • Perfect gift for any ocean lover

  • Provoke positive emotional responses

  • Price includes postage (within Australia) additional $0.50 for international shipping

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