Solar system poster

Solar system poster

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In a very young universe Helium (He) and Hydrogen (H) where abundant. These two elements condensed to form stars. When these stars died (Supernova) they spit elements like; Carbon (C), Oxygen (O), Nitrogen (N), Nickel (Ni), Gold (Ae) and Iron (Fe) into the universe.

Fresh Helium and Hydrogen goes on to form new stars like our sun. While the heavier elements collide creating dust and debris that would go onto to form our solar systems asteroids, moons, planets and everything else.

Light and volatile elements like Helium (He) and Hydrogen (H) can only condense further out, which is why the inner planets of our solar system are dense and rocky while the outer planets like Saturn are massive gas giants that could hypothetically float in a massive planet sized swimming pool.

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