Tardigrade Digital Download

Tardigrade Digital Download


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Tardigrades are a water dwelling eight-legged micro animal. At 0.5mm in length these strangely cute animals can be viewed under a low-power microscope.

They have been found everywhere: from mountain tops, to deep sea and mud volcanoes, from tropic rainforests to Antarctic. They prefer to live in sediment at the bottom of a lake, on moist pieces of moss or other wet environments. Despite their rather tedious lifestyle, they have evolved to cope with environments so extreme, they don't even exist on Earth.

These badass plumpy creatures can survive extreme conditions, conditions that would be defined as fatal to most of other life forms, like extreme temperatures, extreme pressures, dehydration, radiation and starvation. In-fact vaccum of space, throw in some solar radiation…yep they are still alive.

There are 900 known species of Tardigrades, so should we rename Earth - planet of the Tardigrades?

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