Until the Very End

Until the Very End


Elasmobranchs are upper-level predators. Some, like the great white shark, are apex predators, while others, like stingrays, are called mesopredators. This means they feed on smaller fish but, bigger fish and marine mammals feed on them too.

As upper-level predators, elasmobranchs have a very strong influence on the trophic levels below them. Too many and their prey numbers will dwindle, which can lead to an explosion of phytoplankton that can cause toxic blooms. Too few, and their prey numbers will increase, and they will decimate the primary producers, which provide us with most of the oxygen we breathe. Elasmobranchs therefore help keep ocean ecosystems in equilibrium.

But the sad reality is that our sharks and rays are threatened, and their numbers are declining.

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