You are enough Sticker

You are enough Sticker


You are Enough

In this vast cosmic ocean Earth is the only planet known to harbour life, making in 1 in a billion trillion trillion. You are one of 7.5 billion people on Earth. But size does not equal importance. In amongst all these stars, there is only - and only ever will be - one you. You are enough.

Sticker Size: 8 x 8.5cm

Sticker Features and Benefits

  • Designed by Hollie

  • Stickers are Vinyl meaning they are weather proof and long lasting.

  • Outdoor or indoor use (will stick to anything!)

  • Full colour die cut

  • Come gift wrapped! - 100% recyclable packaging - unwrapping feels like christmas

  • Perfect gift for any ocean lover

  • Provoke positive emotional responses

  • Price includes postage (within Australia) additional $0.50 for international shipping

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