Elasmobile here! 

I am elasmos number one mobile companion and I have the best job in the world.

My jawsome crew have covered me in some totally rad stickers that educate and inspire you and so many others to protect the life support system of our planet, our Ocean. 

On my starboard side you'll find a 2.5m Great White shark anatomy complete with magnets! As well as some pretty cool facts about what part sharks play in controlling our ecosystems and why our finned friends need protecting. 

My port side, is all about you! Because my crew and I need you to know, that to us, you are a superhero. Change begins with you. 

We are currently headway in developing an education program for schools, in which I am the main act! I am super excited to meet all the future ocean warriors of Newcastle. 

You can find me at all of elasmos markets as well as at beach clean ups, where I am all set up for education and kicking plastics butt! In my spare time you will usually find me around Newy, as Hollie (the Skipper) and I are pretty much inseparable, enjoying many of the same pass times such as nights exploring the nights sky, sunrises and sunsets. 

If you do see me around please come say hi! I'm a big lover of selfies too!