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elasmonaut program

9 Week Sustainability education program for High School Students

The elasmonauts program, available to schools and home schooled students, is an education and mentor program for students interested in: the ocean, the environment, science and research, conservation, animal and human rights, sustainability, innovation and creativity.


The elasmonauts program, available to schools and home schooled students, is an Sustainability education and mentor program for students interested in: the ocean, the environment, science and research, conservation, animal and human rights, sustainability, innovation and creativity.

The program consists of 9 workshops (90 min) over a 9 week period (or in correlation with the school/parent teaching schedule). Each workshop introduces students to a new topic ranging from: Earth and Outer Space, Climate Change, Plastic Pollution and much more.

Learning is interactive and discussion based, and is directed towards developing a students’ capacity for critical thinking, ethical reasoning and problem solving. The program connects students to themselves, one another and this remarkable planet. Ensuring a bright and happy planet for generations to come.

Our education programs are developed in line with the Australia Curriculum. They are supported by the NSW Quality Teaching Model, strengthened by the 8 Ways of Learning and connected to the global problem solving framework: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.   

What we cover

We cover a range of exciting and engaging topics that remind us of the intangible connection between us and the universe. In understanding these connections we are able to build on the skills that we have and work towards a sustainable and bright future.


Earth and Outer Space


Healthy Ecosystems


Homo Sapiens

Sharks and Rays


Plastic Pollution


History of the Ocean


Climate Change

teacher and student testimonials

“You guys and this program have given me so much, not just education but also friendship, opportunities, empowerment, self confidence, inspiration and the chance to be taken seriously and seen as an equal by someone with more power than me” - elasmonaut Student



“It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with the Elasmo team this year. I originally enlisted them to help with our litter problem - to build awareness with our students about the consequences of mindlessly leaving their rubbish on the playground. The Elasmo team have spoken to each of our year assemblies to present their perspective on our local marine environments and the importance of the simple everyday actions we can all take to minimise our impact. This has then led to Elasmo presenting the "Elasmonauts" weekly program with a small group of our passionate students. This program was very well researched and thoughtfully presented to engage our students about marine environments. The program challenged our students to consider a range of issues about human behaviours and they particularly taught our students some great teamwork and critical thinking skills. Our students obviously enjoyed participating in the Elasmonauts program because they eagerly attended and participated in every session. The discussions were robust and I'm sure that each member felt empowered and valued by the process.

The Elasmo team have also taken our students on an excursion to follow the path of litter as it travels from our school to the ocean. A very practical and powerful journey to learn about.

I cannot recommend the Elasmo team more highly for their energy, enthusiasm, commitment and passion for educating our young people about sustainability. The team certainly relate well to our students and they have empowered and encouraged our students to do all they can in the name of sustainability.

Thank you once again for your generous contributions to our school community”

What skills did the elasmonaut program help you develop?

“The elasmonaut program helped me develop many skills including teamwork and how to communicate effectively with others. As well as how to share my ideas and opinions properly”

“Critical thinking. Conversation and discussion skills. Self confidence”

“Communication, note taking and improving my self confidence”

What was your favourite part of the entire elasmonaut experience?

“I really enjoyed being able to share and discuss my opinions in a safe environment. I also enjoyed learning new things in fun and interesting ways”

”Learning the content and then having group discussions and listening to other peoples ideas, views and feelings on what we were learning”

“Every one sharing their ideas and being accepted”

100% of students felt included in all aspects of learning and discussions

“You inspire me to make the change I didn't know I was capable of”

costs involved

We believe education should be free and therefore rely on the profits from our online store and generous public donations to fund our programs.


The total cost to put 30 students through our elasmonaut program is $3,000, this includes 9 - 90 minute workshops, Individual Student mentoring, A5 notebooks for each student, 5 A2 posters for the school, all elasmo learning materials such as graphics, posters and access to our online learning portal.

We do not believe that education should cost money, our team work really hard and dedicate a lot of hours so, to help us continue our work we use the profits from sales via our online store and generous public donations to help fund schools through this program.

We do ask if possible for schools to;

  • Run a fundraiser for elasmo

  • Gold Coin Donation per Student

  • Donate to elasmo

To give you a better understanding of how much it costs us

$20 buys a student an eco-friendly notebook

$100 funds one student through our education program

$120 Supplies a School with 5 A2 Educational Posters and all elasmo graphics

$150 funds a beach clean

$3,000 funds one school - 30 students