here is the why

We are the ONLY planet in our solar system to harbour life. "It is our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another and to preserve and cherish our incredible planet." - Carl Sagan 


Planet earth is 4.5 billion years old. Man kind is 140,000 years old.

If we put the history of our planet into 24 hours, every one we know, every human being who ever was, every war, every civilization was happened in the last 3 seconds. 


The Ocean is the life support system of our planet.

Our tiny planet perfectly balances every thing we need for life. The oceans supply us with 70% of the Oxygen we breathe. 


Yet we over fish it. We pollute it and we so inadvertently disconnect from it. 

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We have increased the extinction rate of animals by 1000 x the normal rate.


Next Generation

We are a part of nature, therefore to save it is to save us. It is up to us to create a better future so our future generations can know our planet for all of its gifts. 



here is the how

We are homo sapiens meaning ‘Wise man’. So let us be wise, let us stand up for the only home we’ve ever known.


DO NOT under estimate your strength. We are not powerless.

We are an incredible species. We are scientists, philosophers, change drivers, healers, inventors.


The power of imagination

We have the power the imagine. Imagination is our greatest gift, it allows us to empathise and imagine and therefore create better. 


We DO NOT need a super hero.

Help will not come from somewhere else. It will come from us. We do not need to have super powers. Change starts with us. And it Starts today. 



Think bigger. Ask Why, shift your mindset. Choose kindness, love and compassion over fear and anger. Have the courage to trust and protect mother nature and educate those who do not see the worth of our planet.




Elasmo combines the power of science with imagination to educate,  empower and connect us.


We create streetwear that is far more than fashion. Our designs are empowerment, we are creating a family. 

When enough people come together, we make waves that can wash the world into a new era. An era in which we cherish, preserve and respect our planet and each other.  An era where every species on this planet is treated as equal. An era where love, compassion and kindness set our foundations. 

Combining science and imagination

Science should be shared with the world and creativity allows us to explore and expand our minds. We are a team of marine biologists, philosophers, change drivers and creatives. We take knowledge, our passions and, using creativity, we turn it into something educational, something empowering and something that helps us evolve.

How your purchase helps

The money we raise from the sales of our streetwear goes directly into our;

1. Education Program for schools

2. Direct Action Conservation - Beach clean ups

3. Screenings and education nights

4. Research -Stingray diaries

5. Elasmobile


Join the elasmo family

Rep our streetwear,  become a elasmo crew member, attend our education nights and join our beach clean ups, oh and don't forget to follow us! @elasmo_clothing