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exploring life - school program

”You guys and this program have given me so much, not just education but also friendship, opportunities, empowerment, self confidence, inspiration and the chance to be taken seriously and seen as an equal by someone with more power than me”

- elasmo Student

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Our Exploring Life Science and Sustainability program is available to Newcastle/Hunter schools. The program is designed to develop students knowledge and understanding of the natural world. The program aims to establish a solid foundation to enable students to make positive choices, and changes, to improve the sustainability within their school, home and community. We strive for all students to know life is an exciting journey full of endless possibilities - knowing they are enough.

The program, which is connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and supplements the NSW Geography and Science curriculum, consists of 10 workshops (60 minutes each) over a 10 week period. Each week students are introduced to a new topic ranging from: Earth and Outer Space, Climate Change, Plastic Pollution and much more.

How it works

Together we arrange a time slot that best suits the school timetable, for example, previously schools have assigned a time each week for the program to run (many schools run the program as a sport option and offer it as an elective to those students interested).

We provide everything needed to run the workshop (see workshop inclusions). Costs vary depending the number of students (min 8 - max 30)

Through out the program we work with students in implementing environmental initiatives within the school, such as developing an environmental group, introducing eco-conscious products to the canteen, improving recycling and waste management and developing a positive school culture towards the environment.

elasmo is committed to the safety, wellbeing and protection of children, all our educators have up to date Working with Children Checks, have completed the Child Safe eLearning course provided by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian and under go regular in house training.

Our teaching style

We create a positive and empowering learning environment by celebrating trying, developing skills through practice, nurturing our individual interests and inspiring imagination. Our Students feel empowered to follow their curiosity and see life as an exciting journey full of endless possibilities - creating a world they would like to live in, knowing they are enough.


Workshop inclusions

  • elasmo educator

  • 10 x 60 minute workshops

  • All learning resources and content

  • Certificate of completion for each student

Skills focus

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Critical and Philosophical Thinking

  • Ethical Reasoning

  • Working Scientifically

  • Sustainable living


Workshop one - Earth and Space ~ The Solar System

Investigate the Universe as we currently know it, learn about our solar system and the diverse planets that orbit around the sun. Uncover an eight-legged micro creature and discover how we are all connected to the stars.

ACTIVITY - Build your own solar system model (Group activity)

Workshop two - Earth and Space ~ Planet Earth

Explore the effect of the interactions between the Earth and the Sun, develop an understanding of Earth’s position in the solar system and as a dynamic part of a complex interrelated system.

EXPERIMENT - Exploring Density

ACTIVITY - Our promise to protect earth

Workshop three - Homo Sapiens

No other living creature has ever altered the world like we have. Explore what it means to be human, discover some ordinary people doing extraordinary things and be empowered to bring about positive change. You are enough.

ACTIVITY - Collaborative Art piece (Together we are a symphony)

Workshop four - History of the Ocean

Travel back in time to visit the Dinosaurs, discover one of the biggest predators to have roamed the oceans, investigate how the Earth has changed over time and explore the six mass extinctions.

ACTIVITY - Design-o-Saur

Workshop five - Living World

Celebrate the incredible biodiversity of this Planet, investigate the interdependence between all life on Earth and consider how humans impact the natural world.

ACTIVITY - Mini Herb gardens

Workshop six - Healthy Ecosystems

Learn about ecosystems and the interdependence between living and non living things. Investigate how the removal of a species affects an ecosystem and how we can work to ensure a sustainable future for all life on Earth.’

ACTIVITY - Let’s play species Jenga

Workshop seven - Sharks and Rays

Better understand fear, explore the role sharks and rays play within ecosystems, raise your awareness on the threats they are currently facing and look at ways we can protect one of the oceans apex predators.

EXPERIMENT - Pollution in the ocean experiment

ACTIVITY - Shark anatomy

Workshop eight - Climate Change

Understanding the largest dilemma of our generation is no easy task. Define climate change, explore its causes and impacts, as well as identify local action on what is a global problem to solve.

ACTIVITY - Build and Race mini solar powered vehicles

Workshop nine - Plastic Pollution

Delve into plastics story, from it’s creation to it’s resting place (if it has one). Better understand its composition and its effects on the environment, in-particular marine life, and investigate our individual scope of influence.

Workshop ten - Living Sustainably

Earth is home to 7.7 billion people. There is only - and only ever will be one you. Discover what it means to be sustainable and investigate how we can all make a difference in securing a future for generations to come.

ACTIVITY - Ocean Bingo



8 - 15 students - $150 per student ($15 per workshop)

16 - 30 students - $100 per student ($10 per workshop)


  • 10 x (60 minute) school visits (at an agreed day/time)

  • 1 x elasmo educator

  • 1 x A5 Notebook for each student

  • 1 x elasmo Vinyl Sticker for each student

  • All activity materials and resources supplied by elasmo

  • Exclusive access to online learning platform

  • Certificates of Completion for each student



Local Teacher

“It has been an absolute pleasure to have worked with the elasmo team this year. I originally enlisted them to help with our litter problem - to build awareness with our students about the consequences of mindlessly leaving their rubbish on the playground. The elasmo team have spoken to each of our year assemblies to present their perspective on our local marine environments and the importance of the simple everyday actions we can all take to minimise our impact. This has then led to elasmo presenting their weekly program with a small group of our passionate students. This program was very well researched and thoughtfully presented to engage our students about marine environments. The program challenged our students to consider a range of issues about human behaviours and they particularly taught our students some great teamwork and critical thinking skills. Our students obviously enjoyed participating in the program because they eagerly attended and participated in every session. The discussions were robust and I'm sure that each member felt empowered and valued by the process.

I cannot recommend the elasmo team more highly for their energy, enthusiasm, commitment and passion for educating our young people about sustainability. The team certainly relate well to our students and they have empowered and encouraged our students to do all they can in the name of sustainability.

Thank you once again for your generous contributions to our school community”


“You inspire me to make the change I didn't know I was capable of”

100% of students felt included in all aspects of learning and discussions

What skills did the program help you develop?

“The program helped me develop many skills including teamwork and how to communicate effectively with others. As well as how to share my ideas and opinions properly”

“Critical thinking. Conversation and discussion skills. Self confidence”

“Communication, note taking and improving my self confidence”

What was your favourite part of the entire experience?

“I really enjoyed being able to share and discuss my opinions in a safe environment. I also enjoyed learning new things in fun and interesting ways”

”Learning the content and then having group discussions and listening to other peoples ideas, views and feelings on what we were learning”

“Every one sharing their ideas and being accepted”