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Hello wonderful Nauts, welcome to the first day of our elasmonaut journey together. During these next few months we are going to learn a lot about life on Earth. The course is designed to develop our critical thinking and ethical reasoning. This is your journey and we are here to support you.


Let us start with a video  

Throughout this course we will be developing our Critical thinking. What is critical thinking you may ask? Well Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment.

The earliest documentation of critical thinking are the teachings of Socrates recorded by Plato. Socrates established the fact that one cannot depend upon those in "authority" to have sound knowledge and insight. He demonstrated that persons may have power and high position and yet be deeply confused and irrational. He established the importance of asking deep questions that probe profoundly into thinking before we accept ideas as worthy of belief.



How does this video make you feel? Do you agree with him?

One of my favourite lines

“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it…It is up to us, we must globally warm our hearts…to save nature is to save us”
— Prince EA

Are we all connected??

This program is designed to help you connect to yourself, each other and this remarkable planet.



How do you interact with the ocean? Do you swim, surf, fish? 

Every living creature is connected to the ocean. In-fact on average we interact with the ocean around 23,040 times a day.

The Oxygen that fills your lungs, that brings us life, 70% of that oxygen comes from the Ocean. 70% of the earths surface is water, making the ocean the life support system of this planet.

High school presentation - ocean, sharks and you_BREATHS.jpg

Curious about how the ocean supplies us with such a high level of oxygen? 

The answer lies, in Phytoplankton. These microscopic badboys convert carbon dioxide into Oxygen through photosynthesis, just like trees! (We will learn more about Phytoplankton in lesson six - healthy ecosystems).

Without the ocean there would be no life on Earth.

Human, animal, plant, bacteria we are all connected, it is therefore vital that we unite, cherish and preserve earth. Understanding our responsibility to make choices everyday that benefit not just ourselves but all life, allows us to live in harmony with one another and this remarkable planet.

In lesson two we will discover another way we are all connected!


A few house rights

Elasmonauts have rights and the responsibility to uphold the rights of others.


Throughout this course, and in-fact throughout life, you will have differing thoughts and opinions. This is a safe place, to ensure we understand our rights and the responsibility to uphold the rights of others we have created some elasmonaut house rights.


A lot of this program is based around discussion, critical thinking and developing our own philosophy. Therefore before we dive into the next section of lesson one we must first learn how to navigate and respect opposing views.

When faced with difficult ethical questions things can often become a little heated. We believe that in order to better understand each other and achieve a deeper connection we have to exercise empathy and respect.

We do not always have to walk away having agreed. However, an ability to actively listen to the views of others and share in ideas helps us better connect and understand one another.

Anger does not fix or resolve anything, anger only damages the person holding it. In order to bring about positive change we believe the answer lies somewhere else, in something much stronger. Love.



Let’s have a practice a healthy discussion using the following ethical question.

Should animals be given the same rights as humans?

elasmo - about us


This is us. We aren’t any different to you. In this enormous universe we found each other and that in itself is pretty wonderful gift.  Each of us has something the other doesn’t and together we have created something far greater than we could ever create alone.

We started elasmo because we believe in the next generation and we believe that education is vital in developing us as individuals and also us as a planet.


Hollie Newman

Founder, Graphic Designer, Educator


Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons

Marine Biologist, Education Developer, Educator


Lisa Mondy

Shark Conservationist, Shark bite survivor, inspirational speaker


Justin Tierney

Marine Biologist, Education Developer


Jay Caruana

Marketer and Educator


Can you tell us three things that are important to you?

This could be values you have for yourself, like for example compassion, loyalty and equality. Or people that mean a lot to you like family, friends, your dog.

Can you tell us what your favourite things are?

These can be things you like to do paint or skate or things that you really like Whales, Sloths


We believe education is more than reading, writing and maths.

Together we will delve into; our place is this universe, what it means to be a homo sapien, the history of the ocean, Sharks and Rays, ecosystems, climate change, plastic pollution, sustainable fishing practices and much more. We’ll explore these areas through science, philosophy and creativity. This program is designed to empower you, to connect you to yourself, each other and the planet.


  • Independant thinking

  • Questioning

  • Discussion

  • Collaboration

  • Innovation, creative thinking, invention

  • Following curiosity - exploring areas that interest you


This program is designed to not only expand your knowledge and wisdom, it is designed to help you discover and pursue avenues you are curious about. Through curiosity we find our passions, our purpose. We can fashion our own destinies and we are here to support, mentor and guide you. Because you are so incredibly important. Whether you would like help or guidance with a project or need some advice on a certain career path we are here for you.

Our contact details are at the bottom of this page and on the elasmonaut home page.


Perception and behaviours



  1. How do we develop perception and do you think we can change it?

  2. If something has been around for a long time does that mean it’s ok to continue without change?

  3. Does your perception affect your behaviour?

  4. How can we shift our behaviours? 

These are indeed some BIG questions. Let’s take a look first at


Our perceptions are conclusions derived from information and/or experience. The english dictionary definition of perception is;

“the way in which something is regarded, understood, or interpreted"

Let’s think about us as Children. We see a candle for the first time! We crawl over to investigate, we put our finger to it and OUCH! It burnt us. Through this experience we have developed a perception that a flame is hot and burns us when we touch it.

(I can’t help but say this in a Gollum voice….)


Now that we understand fire is hot, we most likely won’t touch a flame again. Therefore our perception has shaped our behaviour.



Do you think perceptions can be changed?

When someone tells you “if you run your finger through a flame really quickly it won’t burn you”

Do try it? What do you think after?

Has this new information deepened your understanding of a flame and in turn altered your perception?



We believe education is vital in developing not just ourselves as individuals, but also us as race and a planet.

IMG_3388 copy.jpg

Education is much more than reading, writing and maths. It provides us with knowledge of the world around us. Education teaches us empathy, compassion. Develops our ability to reason, to choose. It brings awareness.

Education is incredibly powerful. It’s through this new knowledge, these deeper understandings of one another and the world around us, that bring the changes in our perceptions. This leads us to change our behaviours and brings about positive change. 

Intelligence Speaks and Wisdom Listens
— Prince EA

If there is something you are curious about learn about it! Question things. There is a world starving for new ideas, new leaderships. You are a new wave in an ocean of vast possibilities.

High school presentation - ocean, sharks and you_YOU ARE ENOUGH.jpg

Philosopher Justin

“These philosophers before us paved the way for the fundamentals of science to be developed. It was abstract ideas and deductive reasoning which allowed us to form the notions in which we have forged our theories of the natural world.

Without these completely arrogant and stubborn views that contradicted societal norms at the time we would not know anywhere near what we know today. So. Never stop thinking when people tell you you’re over thinking. It’s not a bad thing your mind works that way. Depending on your circumstance you should try and find a lifestyle that accommodates a chaotic mind. Even if it’s not a socially conductive means of living. It’s your way of living and we need more of this arrogant thinking back in modern day society so we can evolve not only our minds but ourselves as a human race” - Justin Tierney, 2017

Go forth and Rattle the Stars you Earth Warriors

There is a world starving for new ideas, new leadership. You are a new wave in an ocean of vast possibilities. You are the future leaders, future scientists, and future change drivers. We want to empower you, support you, encourage you to dream and think big.

Truth is we do not need to be bitten by a radioactive spider to save lives, we hold all the power we need inside us. We have the power to imagine better. We have to power to learn and question, shift our perspectives and change our behaviours; we can educate and inspire those around us.

Extra ray-search;



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