Hi there, it is lovely to meet you. I am Hollie, the founder of elasmo. First of all thank you for wanting to and taking the time to learn more about me. Talking about myself, something I for one, am not very good at. The one thing I can talk to you about though is my passions. It is these passions that have led me to my purpose. 

This ineffable planet has always enchanted me, its history, its boundless biodiversity, both in its actuality and its mysteries. Science has always played a prominent role in my life, with an innate desire to understand how and why.  Philosophy, a search for general understanding of values and reality has also highly influenced me, allowing me to question societal norms, to make room for new understandings and shift perspectives. Imagination has always closely pursued, enabling me to explore and create universes, realms, characters, express feelings and messages that perhaps don't exist in reality and create graphics that aid learning.


Since a young age I have imagined myself as; a vet, a zookeeper, a marine biologist, a conservationist, a teacher, a photographer, an artist. Falsely believing I would eventually have to choose one.

An affinity with sharks and discovering their demise through human impact was the catalyst behind dedicating my life to protecting and cherishing Earth. While in my third year at the University of Newcastle, studying a bachelor of visual communication design, the concept behind elasmo bestowed itself upon me. Since then everything has fallen into place. Through elasmo I am able to exercise all my passions: combining science with imagination to create infographics/illustrations/stories that educate, inspire, spread awareness and influence change.  elasmo has also brought me a priceless gift, friendship. I proudly stand with a remarkable team, who empower, encourage and bring me joy every day. 




We recently turned one (on the 1st of April) and have achieved so much in a relatively short period of time. We have absolutely huge dreams for elasmo. Dreams we couldn't make happen without you, so thank you. There are a few areas that make up the foundations of elasmo, these are; the streetwear, the education and the conservation. The best way to address this to you is probably to divide it into bitesized sections. 


elasmo clothing is a streetwear brand with an oceanic difference. We design apparel that not only looks awesome, portrays great messages but is also 100% ethical, sustainable, cruelty-free and in line with vegan philosophy, changing the way we perceive fashion.  To do this we use 'earth positive' whose garments are made from 100% organic cotton using carbon neutral manufacturing and ethical trade practices. We then get the designs screen-printed in Melbourne using water-based eco-friendly inks. In the future we hope to be manufacturing our own garments. 

The streetwear is design to unite us, to remind us that we are all one in this vast cosmic ocean. To empower us because life on this planet is worth fighting for.  

The proceeds from the sales of our streetwear go directly into funding our conservation and education initiatives.


Elasmo Ocean is a not-for-profit charity funded by generous public donations and the sales from elasmo clothing. The mission is to educate and empower us to come together to preserve, protect and cherish the ocean. 


The education programs are costumed designed and run by myself and the team, combining science, philosophy and creativity to create transformative education experiences, that encourage further learning and result in lasting changes in perspectives and behaviours.  We have education programs to suit all ages, from preschooler to high school students. We hope to integrate this program into many other schools around Newcastle and one day worldwide. 


Within the schools we visit, we wish to create student committees, bringing together like minded students who want to bring about positive change. There is a world starving for new ideas and these students are the future leaders, future change drivers and future scientists. These school committees then became apart of the elasmo student committee.  Here we bring together students from all schools, offering a safe place for collaboration, innovation, research and creativity, funding their ideas and bringing them from concepts into reality. 


Currently, once a month we run beach clean ups along our local coastline, stopping litter pollution before it has chance to reach the ocean. We hope that through these clean ups we can bring to light the issues facing the ocean, encourage others to make positives changes and unite like minded people.


You may have noticed a tab at the top of our website 'Tips for life' here we write informative blogs on everything from reviews, scientific research papers, species biographies to the latest news and findings. Education leads to awareness and awareness opens to door to social transformation. The blogs are designed to not only educate but also to captivate, invoke passion and inspire a new way of thinking. 

On top of these blogs we run community education days, these can include guest speakers, screenings, documentaries, Q&A's. These are, once again designed to bring together like minded people, to spread awareness and empower innovation and creativity within us all. 

SCIENCE AND RESEARCH (stingray diaries)

Science is a vital part of what we do. 98% of the ocean is yet to be explored and shockingly we know more about space than we do our oceans. With a team consisting of Marine Biologists, funding through our streetwear and donations allow us to further their research, such as Joni's 'Stingray' diaries. Here we can deepen our understandings of the wonderful creatures that call the ocean home, fill in knowledge gaps and work towards a better future for all life on Earth.