elasmo believe that education is vital in developing not just ourselves as individuals, but also us a race and a planet. Education is a means by which man can cultivate his nature and achieve the purpose of his/her existence, it sparks growth and development. For elasmo, they educate through empowerment., believing that, by sparking passion, supporting empathy and encouraging a pursuit of wisdom, we open the space for deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. 

"No one can be compelled to learn; he can merely be stimulated to learn for himself" - Aristotle


elasmos education programs combine science and creativity. They strive for greater student engagement, resulting in a lasting change in perception and an understanding that we hold the responsibility for fashioning our own destiny. This passion for wisdom, of the world we live in, the feelings of love for not only our planet, but each other, wash us into a new era of collective consciousness. Were are behaviours reflect our morals and beliefs. 

The elasmo team fuse science, philosophy and creativity into transformative education programs that are custom designed for every stage of learning, from preschool through to year 12. The graphics, the messages, the statistics are all carefully constructed to ensure students feel empowered, assisting in their personal development and fulfilment, reminding us  of the intangible connection between us, the world we live in.


elasmos preschool program is in line with the Early years learning framework of 'Belonging, Being and Becoming". 

It is a transformative education experience giving birth to new ideas and new understandings on: planet earth, the ocean, the diversity of species that call this planet home, and why it is vital that we protect it.  

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elasmos high school program is in line with the NSW Quality Teaching Model.

 The aim of elasmos high school education program is to not only inform and bring awareness to current environmental issues but to empower, support and encourage students to dream and think big. There is a world starving for new ideas, new leadership, these students are the future leaders, future scientist, future change drivers, elasmo is here to put them at the helm of their own ship, to remind them how every powerful they are. 

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