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Our program fosters imagination, inspires curiosity and empowers you to not only reach for the stars but rattle them. Learning is interactive, discussion based and super creative! Each week we dive into a different topic, these topics connect us to ourselves, one another and this remarkable planet.

By expanding our understanding and awareness of the natural world we are able to harness human potential to make better choices, advance technologies and work towards a sustainable and bright future for ALL LIFE on Earth.



We have classes for various ages and stages, the content stays the same throughout the various groups but the method and depth in which we teach it varies. All content is based on both the NSW Science and Geography Syllabus, it is supported by the NSW Quality Teaching Model, strengthened by the 8 Ways of Learning and connected to the global problem solving framework: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Below is a list of the various classes, under ‘Timetable’ you will find the day and time in which each of these classes run. Each class is home to a maximum of 6 students allowing us to easily cater the content to individual interests and needs.

  • Home School children aged between 7 - 9

  • Home School children aged between 10 - 12

  • Primary School children years 3 - 4

  • Primary School children years 5 - 6

  • High School students years 7 - 9

  • Adults


Workshops are proudly run at The Hudson Street Hum in Newcastle, offering an enriching and creative environment to learn, grow and connect.

Location Details

7 Hudson Street, Hamilton

Newcastle 2303



Commences on Monday 2nd September 2019.


Week one - Earth and Space ~ The Universe

Welcome to the elasmo program! Receive your planet warrior introduction pack meet your fellow classmates.

Investigate the Universe as we currently know it, learn about our solar system and the diverse planets that orbit around the sun. Uncover an eight-legged micro creature and discover how we are all connected to the stars.

ACTIVITY - Build your own solar system model

Week Two - Earth and Space ~ The Earth

Explore the effect of the interactions between the Earth and the Sun, develop an understanding of Earth’s position in the solar system and as a dynamic part of a complex interrelated system.

Week Three - Homo Sapiens

No other living creature has ever altered the world like we have. Explore what it means to be human, discover some ordinary people doing extraordinary things and be empowered to bring about positive change. You are enough.

ACTIVITY - Collaborative Art piece (Together we are a symphony)

Week Four - History of the Ocean

Travel back in time to visit the Dinosaurs, discover one of the biggest predators to have roamed the oceans, investigate how the Earth has changed over time and explore the six mass extinctions.

ACTIVITY - Design-o-Saur

Week Five - Living World

Celebrate the incredible biodiversity of this Planet, investigate the interdependence between all life on Earth and consider how humans impact the natural world.

ACTIVITY - Build your own Terrarium


Commences on Monday 14th October 2019.


Week One - Healthy Ecosystems

Learn about ecosystems and the interdependence between living and non living things. Investigate how the removal of a species affects an ecosystem and how we can work to ensure a sustainable future for all life on Earth.’

ACTIVITY - Let’s play species Jenga

Week Two - Sharks and Rays

Guest Speaker - Joni Pini-Fitzsimmons ~ Marine Biologist and Ray Researcher

Better understand fear, explore the role sharks and rays play within ecosystems, raise your awareness on the threats they are currently facing and look at ways we can protect one of the oceans apex predators.

Week Three - Climate Change

Understanding the largest dilemma of our generation is no easy task. Define climate change, explore it’s causes and impacts, as well as identify local action on what is a global problem to solve.

ACTIVITY - Build and Race mini solar powered vehicles

Week Four - Plastic Pollution

Delve into plastics story, from it’s creation to it’s resting place (if it has one). Better understand its composition and its effects on the environment, in-particular marine life, and investigate our individual scope of influence.

ACTIVITY - Build a recycled bird feeder

Week Five - Living Sustainably

Earth is home to 7.7 billion people. There is only - and only ever will be one you. Discover what it means to be sustainable and investigate how we can all make a difference in securing a future for generations to come.

You’ve now completed your elasmo journey - receive your certificate on completion and go forth to rattle the stars.


Program One - Our Place ~ Normally $175 INTRODUCTORY OFFER $150

This includes:

  • 5 x 60 minute workshops

  • All course content, materials and activities (Solar System Model, Mini Terrarium)

  • Small teacher to student ratio

  • Exclusive online access to all course material via our online portal

  • Eco Warrior Pack (Tote bag, Notebook, Vinyl Sticker)

  • Course Progress card

Program Two - Our Future - Normally $175 INTRODUCTORY OFFER $150

This includes:

  • 5 x 60 minute workshops

  • All course content, materials and activities (Mini Solar Powered Car, Recycled bird feeder)

  • Small teacher to student ratio

  • Exclusive online access to all course material via our online portal

  • Eco Warrior Pack (Tote bag, Notebook, Vinyl Sticker)

  • Course Progress card

  • Certificate of Completion

Booking Both programs

Program One and Program Two - Normally $330 INTRODUCTORY OFFER $280



If you’d like to book a spot in our program commencing September 2019 please fill out the contact us form.

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