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Junior Planet Warrior - 2 day Excursion

Middle Rock Holiday Resort have joined forces with elasmo and local experience groups to bring students the ultimate student excursion.

Students are a new wave of potential in an a vast ocean of unlimited possibility. During this era children are aware and concerned about the prevalence of pollution, over fishing and climate change impacting the planet. This education experience aims to establish a solid foundation to enable students to make positive choices and changes that they can take home to improve sustainability within their household and community. We strive to empower students to create a world they would like to live in, knowing they are enough.

Set in the beautiful Tomaree National Park, Middle Rock Resort provides a safe and enriching environment, with comfy accommodation, tummy filling on-site catering and nurturing staff. We take students and teachers on an, all inclusive journey of discovery, self expression and develop an understanding and bond with the Natural world that will be felt for generations to come.

Package Inclusions

  • 1 x night accommodation in cabin or campsite (tents provided)

  • 2 x days catering. Including

    • - Breakfast + Morning Tea

    • Lunch + Afternoon Tea

    • Dinner + Supper

  • All Inclusive Transport with Port Stephens coaches

  • 5 x compelling and interactive sustainability workshops run by elasmo, that cover a range of relevant topics, directed towards developing a students’ capacity for critical thinking, ethical reasoning, problem solving and growth thinking.

  • 1 x movie night complete with popcorn OR 1 x evening under the stars observing the constellations and planets complete with a tummy warming hot chocolate.

  • 1 x 2 hour Dolphin experience on board Moonshadow-TQC. Offering students an opportunity to experience a unique educational learning environment on the beautiful Port Stephens Waterways.

  • 1 x Ultimate sand filled adventure at the spectacular sand dunes of Stockton Beach with Port Stephens 4WD tours.

  • 1 x visit to Irukandji Shark and Ray centre for a personal and memorable experience, expanding students knowledge and understanding of life below water. 

  • 1 x Once in a lifetime opportunity to learn, develop an implement planet protection

  • 1000 x memories made 

Educational Workshops

Middle Rocks on-site classroom provides an empowering and enriching learning environment in which students will attend workshops designed and run by local environmental education group elasmo. These workshops expand students knowledge and understanding of the natural world, promoting discovery, inspiring imagination and empowering students to bring about a sustainable future.

Workshop One - Earth and Space

Investigate the Universe as we currently know it, learn about our solar system and the diverse planets that orbit around the sun. Uncover an eight-legged micro creature and discover how we are all connected to the stars.

Workshop Two - Healthy Ecosystems

Learn about ecosystems and the interdependence between living and non living things. Investigate how the removal of a species affects an ecosystem and how we can work to ensure a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

Workshop Three - Homo Sapiens

No other living creature has ever altered the world like we have. Explore what it means to be human, discover some ordinary people doing extraordinary things and be empowered to bring about positive change. You are enough.

Workshop Four - Climate Change

Understanding the largest dilemma of our generation is no easy task. Define climate change, explore it’s causes and impacts, as well as identify local action on what is a global problem to solve.

Workshop Five - Plastic Pollution Prevention Picnic

Coupled with a Beach clean we delve into plastics story, from it’s creation to it’s resting place (if it has one). Better understand its composition and its effects on the environment, in-particular marine life, and investigate our individual scope of influence.


Irukandji Shark and Ray Centre

Irukandji Shark and Ray Centre offer us a personal and memorable experience with the elasmobranchs themselves! We will spend the next few hours connecting with and advancing our understandings on a creature we’ve been told to fear, and look out how sharks - Apex Predators play a role in a marine ecosystem. 

Moonshadow TQC - Dolphin Discovery Cruise

All hands on deck, let’s head down to the Maria and jump on board the Moonshadow - TQC for the Dolphin Discovery Cruise. Here we will be introduced to Moonshadows onboard Marine Biologist and Education officer who will take us on a journey through the scenic Port Stephens Harbour to meet the Dolphins! This unique and educational experience will be hands on, expand our knowledge and understanding of some of amazing creatures that call the ocean home and enable us to connect with them on a level that will capture our hearts forever.  

Port Stephens 4WD tours - Sand Boarding Experience

Time to jump onboard the trusty coach and get ready for a sand filled adventure, we are heading to the spectacular sand dunes of Stockton Beach! Sand boarding in Port Stephens is a must do for your bucket list. Upon meeting the Port Stephens 4WD tours team we will board  their custom built off road vehicles for the short, bouncy ride into the largest moving sand mass in the southern hemisphere. The dunes stretch 32 kilometres, that’s the entire length of Stockton Beach, and can reach over 30 metres high, that’s like a 10 storey building.

Once  in the dunes, the Port Stephens 4WD tours team will give us a run down on sand boarding and how to use their hand made custom designed boards for maximum speed (and safety!)  Climb to the top of the dunes, jump on your sand board, slide on down, then repeat! 

Movie Night or Night under the stars with elasmo

If it is warm enough and the weather is good, grab those blankies and snuggly clothes we are going to lay under the stars, observing the constellations and planets, we will even take a look at some of them through a telescope! Of course star gazing wouldn’t be complete without some tummy warming hot chocolate. 

If it is a bit cold or raining we will immerse ourselves in a movie, complete with popcorn!

Build a Terrarium with elasmo

This is a hands on and creative workshop! We are going to create and build our own mini terrariums with elasmo and while doing so look at what all living things need to thrive. 


All transfers are included in the Planet Warrior Package. Port Stephens Coaches reliable and safe coaches will get us to and from all our destinations!



Booking an excursion

For booking and enquiries please email Aimee at 

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