Newcastle producing happy armpits (Pascal approved)

Right now I have the happiest of armpits. Thanks to Newcastle husband and wife Aaron and Phoebe. Seriously, thank you, you absolute legends. 

Because I am not great at words, this is how this product makes me feel. 

I met Aaron and Phoebe at the Alive Plant based festival in September. They are just lovely. They have some serious passion and love for what they do and it radiants off them in an array of rainbow colours. These health and environmentally conscious warriors own Woohoo Body, if you haven't heard of them I urge you to take a cheeky trip to their website and get yourself some of the best natural deodorant available. 

About the product. 


Woohoo deodorant paste is the healthy, toxin-free alternative to anti-perspirant deodorants and it is fabulous. It certainly ticks all of my boxes! 

  1. 100% Vegan 
  2. 100% Organic
  3. 100% Natural 
  4. Handmade in Newcastle by Aaron and Phoebe
  5. Smells amazing
  6. BO free all day 

My experience.

I've been using Woohoo deodorant paste for two weeks now and "I am never going back!" (Tangled reference =P). 

First of all it smells mighty fine, it's cool and soothing on your skin and after just two days my armpits are smoother, softer and goodbye redness!

I am a fairly active individual, skating all the time and this badass paste keeps me smelling fresh all day!

This product makes you feel great morally and physically.

So please if you haven't already try their product (they have sample pots available for just $5.50!), start living naturally and do right by our planet!