Changing Perspectives

Words commonly associated with sharks

Killers, Attack, Brutally, Mauled, savaged, vicious, scary, death. 

Words that accurately describe Sharks

Mysterious, peaceful, beautiful, apex predator, powerful, life. 

Fight for change

Our mission at Elasmo is to educate you on the ocean, to help you accurately understand the creatures that keep the balance. To inspire you to protect the life support system of this planet. 

It starts by changing perspectives. For too long have Sharks been feared and portrayed as mindless killers.

Lisa Mondy, member of the Elasmo team has been closer to a shark than any of us. Lisa nearly lost her life to a 4m Great White Shark while wakeboarding in Port Stephens in 2011. Since then, Lisa’s drive to understand what happened to her has opened her eyes to the devastating situation our oceans are facing and as a result she has proceeded to speak out for the protection of our oceans, and especially of sharks as important apex species.

It isn't until you are in the water, swimming with Sharks that you truly experience them for what they are. They have an incredible presence, they are elegant and breathtakingly beautiful. 

So many people fear sharks, but fear stems from lack of understanding. Once we understand we can learn to respect. Once we respect we can begin to protect. 




Hollie Newman