Are you epicurious?


Last week, my mother and I hit up Queensland. Visiting the City of Brisbane for the Marvel exhibition. For all you 'Genius, Billionaire, playboy, philanthropists" out there, it is a total Hulk-buster of an exhibition. 

Anyway, I am getting distracted. What I wanted to talk to you about, was this incredible garden we discovered along South Bank. It's called the 'Epicurious' Garden. Epicurious refers to someone who is in constant pursuit of great food, drink and adventure. Right! What a dope word, and I am sure many of you now have a new word to describe yourselves. I for one, am very epicurious. 

This garden is beautiful, abundant with various fruits, vegetables and herbs. In it I was greeted by an overwhelming embrace of tranquility and peace. Barefooted I explored all it had to offer, all five of my senses delightfully stimulated. The sound of trickling water from the fountain that lies at the heart of the garden. Birds singly gleefully in the trees above, children laughing and the pitter patter of their tiny feet on the soft grass. Breathing deeply my nose was filled by sweetness, passionfruit maybe? Touching the waxy leaves on the citrus trees that stand proudly in regiment. The garden is looked over by Confucius, a great thinker, philosopher and educator. He looks happy, proud, owning his presence but by no means is he consumed by it. 

Three times a week the garden is tended to by volunteers, and locals are encourage to try the produce and can purchase harvested fruits and veg from the harvest cart. It demonstrates both community spirit and connectivity to this planet. 

I watched these two children, no older than 4, sitting on steps below Confucius, chattering away, their apples cupped in the tiny hands. They are so perfect, so untainted. They are why we need to start nurturing our planet and they are the future.

We can learn a lot from this garden. How to be connected and how to be sustainable. Every city on this planet should have an epicurious garden. 





Hollie NewmanComment